Need more sticky pads and would like to extend your manicure frequency?

Find 3 Refill Packs to give you the freedom to use your nails as many times as possible.

How to apply

For short-term use from 24-72 hours:

-Choose the size of your nails
-Find the right adhesive patches that match the size of your chosen nails.
-Stick the adhesive side of the patches on the capsules.
-For a natural effect, push back the cuticles with the cuticle pusher provided for this purpose.
-Peel off the second side and place the capsule on the nail by pinching the finger for 10 seconds
-Push back the cuticles after placing the capsules.

For long-term use from of 1-4 weeks:

-Choose the size of your nails
-Lightly sand the surface of the nails for better adhesion
-Clean dust with a clean, dry brush
-Push back the cuticles with the cuticle pusher
-Put the glue in the hollow of the capsule
-Place the capsule on your nail
-Close the cuticles for more natural nails

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